Tas What's in my bag ? (why do you care ?)

a ton of makeup, my wallet, phone, keys, some sexy but dirty underwear, drugs and a very long knife.  seriously.... why do you care ?

Tas What's in my bag ? ( sharp knife)

a very sharp, long knife, especially designed to cut off your little fingers  when you cannot resist your curiosity.  go ahead.  peek.

Tas What's in my bag ? (whooole lot of crap)

My extremely important phone, my wallet, some makeup, and a whoooole lot of crap.

Tas What's in my bag ? ( school- weed )

some school books, a bit of school food, school drinks,  a handfull of healthy school snacks,  and a whole lot of weed.

Tas What's in my bag ? ( grandmother)

my grandmother in her bathing suit holding my baby tyrannosaurus.   What's in yours ?

Tas What's in my bag ? ( why do you care you nosey person)

Tas What's in my bag ? (illegal murderweapon)

A whole lot of make up,  food, money, my phome  and an illegal murderweapon which I will use if you touch any of it.  trust me.

Tas What's in my bag ? ( animal)

a cute white, very fluffy and supersoft animal with extremely sharp teethe   it's gonna eat you alive instantly if you try to steal, borrow or take anything from me.

Tas What´s in my bag ? ( stupid unnecessary stuff)

my social life (phone),  my home ( keys) , my food ( money)  and a lot of stupid unnecessary stuff I bought ( happy)

Tas What's in my bag ? ( gym clothes)

some wine, candles, a lovely dinner and.... oh yeah, my stinking gym clothes

Tas What's in my bag ? ( stupid stuff)

all the stupid stuff I bought